Quickfire Interview With: DJ Nika

DJ Nika Press Shot

New York based DJ and producer DJ Nika is next to answer our 15 rapid questions in 30 seconds.

I started DJing and producing since I was 14/15 years old.

I got involved in the music realm because I grew up indulging music.

My sound is …out of this world.

My biggest inspiration is … the moving world.

Fans should listen to my music because … it is the future.

If you want to know who DJ Nika is, listen to my track ‘Get Stupid’.

My most memorable career moment so far has been performing at nightclubs and at an awards show.

My dream is to continue to work hard and get recognised for my work.

My next release is called… I don’t always plan my next release – it depends on how I feel!

My all-time favourite track is… that is hard, there are too many!

My favourite venue/club is… Wow, there are too many amazing clubs worldwide – we love them all!

If I weren’t a DJ and producer I’d probably be an unborn foetus ready to take over the world! 

I’ll only stop making music if… I die!

In a few years time I want to be… bigger than now!

DJ Nika is… amazing!

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