Quickfire Interview With: Arek & Mika

Arek & Mika Press Shot

Turkish DJ and production duo are next to answer our 15 rapid questions in 30 seconds.

We started DJing and producing since the summer of 2013.

We got involved in the music realm because we both have musical backgrounds and love the goosebumps feeling that music give you.

Our sound is a mixture of modern instruments, House, Ethnic music and groovy percussion.

Our biggest inspiration is our feelings. We produce in the path of our feelings.

Fans should listen to our music because we will give them what they deserve.

If you want to know who Arek & Mika are, listen to our remix of a legendary Stevie Wonder track ‘Superstition’, which we have just released as a free download.

Our most memorable career moment so far has been starting to work with our management company. They are really good at it.

Our dream is to play our tracks to more people.

Our next release is called ‘Temple’.

Our all-time favourite track is Eric Prydz ‘Pjanoo’ – it is a milestone for us.

Our favourite venue/club was Space Ibiza, but as it is not there anymore, it would have to be Mambo Ibiza.

If we weren’t DJs and producers we’d probably be chefs. We both love cooking and we’re good at it.

We’ll only stop making music if our laptop batteries break!

In a few years time we want to stay as we are, evolve our sound and grow our fanbase.

Arek & Mika will be around for a while!

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