Nurii’s Summer of 2016 Interview


We caught up with high-flying Kenyan Nurii who gives us an exclusive insight into his summer of 2016.

Hi Nurii, thanks for taking time to have a chat with us about your summer so far. For those who aren’t familiar with you as an artist, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a Dance music producer from Nairobi, Kenya. I’ve been producing Dance music for over a year. I love what I do, and I love making music that inspires people!

Can you describe how 2016 has been for you so far in 5 words?
It’s been really good. I’ve had a couple of big releases and received good DJ support on them. I’m happy with the fan feedback this year too.

How has your summer been so far in terms of your musical career?
Well, I haven’t started touring, so summer for me has been working on festival tracks and spreading the word about my music.

Can we hear any summer influences in any of your latest productions?
Yes, tracks like ‘Fly Away’ and ‘Paradise’ have a lot of summer influences.

What have you planned in terms of new releases for the forthcoming weeks and months?
I have a big new release coming with Drop Fire Recordings, who I worked with to release ‘Echo’. I really like the label and I decided I wanted this track to release with them. There will be a free giveaway of a copy of ‘Lethal’, which is a new and powerful synthesizer by Lethal Audio.

What have you been up to outside of the studio and away from music?
I’ve been trying to enjoy life to the max.

Have you had the joys of going to Ibiza or any festivals?
No I haven’t actually been to any of the major festivals or Ibiza. However I guess I would rather be the one playing at these festivals to get the most satisfaction.

What achievements are you most proud of that happened in 2016?
I can’t narrow it down to one or two. I’m proud mostly of the name I’ve built for myself since I started. When people tell me Nurii is associated with good quality music, I really feel that I have achieved something.

What can we expect from Nurii in the latter part of 2016?
A lot more!

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