Anderson’s Summer of 2016 Interview


Since he exploded onto the clubbing circuit, Mexico based DJ and producer Anderson has become a firm fixture at the front of the Dance music scene for the last decade, with releases on imprints such as Kult Records. We caught up with the multitalented studio wizard to find out what he has been up to during the summer of 2016.


Hi Anderson, thanks for taking time to have a chat with us about your summer so far. For those who aren’t familiar with you as an artist, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Sure thing. I’m happy to talk with you guys. I’ve been writing music for 11 years and music has been my best friend and my worst enemy – any producer will know what I’m talking about. I’ve gone from writing Progressive House/Trance, to Drum & Nass, to Dub Techno, and now I’m settling on Techno and Tech House.

Can you describe how 2016 has been for you so far in 5 words?
Definitive, emotional, disruptive, uplifting and painful – it’s been a good year.

How has your summer been so far in terms of your musical career?
I’ve written a lot of music. I mean, A LOT! Listening to my tracks from the beginning of the year, I notice major improvements. I’m cutting out what’s not necessary so I can improve my entire production process – from samples, to plugins, to the physical studio.

Can we hear any summer influences in any of your latest productions?
I wouldn’t say so. It’s summer year-round where I live in Mexico, so I just write what I’m feeling. Besides, summer tunes are tough to play outside of summer.

What have you planned in terms of new releases for the forthcoming weeks and months?
My releases are getting signed in these months, so I’m happy to report a regular flow of tracks. I went back and improved older, unreleased tracks, and those will be shared with the labels. Some of these tracks are fun and bouncy, while others are dark and heavy.

What have you been up to outside of the studio and away from music?
My wife and I do yoga together. I’m not that guy who praises yoga for all of its qualities, but it sure is great. It slows me down. I’m also trying to get some regular bookings in Guadalajara to DJ (laughs) – music is tough to get away from.

Yeah, tell me about it. So, have you had the joys of going to Ibiza or any festivals?
I haven’t gone to Ibiza this year, but it’s a pity Space closed down. I’m all booked to go to Playa del Carmen for BPM 2017. Very excited for that trip. Maybe age is catching up with me, but Ibiza isn’t really for me anymore. BPM at Playa is great because most of the people are mature about going out, but Ibiza can be mayhem.

What achievements are you most proud of that happened in 2016?
I got signed to some great labels and I wrote a ton of music. Most producers don’t have the time in a given year to progress as fast as I think I have, so I’m happy to say I used my time correctly. If I would have slowed down my music would have been so far behind and I wouldn’t be ready for what comes next.

What can we expect from Anderson in the latter part of 2016?
A lot of music should be released. Some massive EPs to make the DJ earn it. You can’t just press play with these tracks. Good talking to you!

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