Get Your Groove On and Listen To ‘Mind Blown’ By Will Wallace

Will Wallace has been making a name for himself in the Dance Music world both as an impressively high-level Producer and for his antics behind the decks too. “Just some northern guy making noise” he says about himself, but we think there’s just a touch of modesty at play here as this UK-based talent is churning out records that have all of our boxes ticked to put him at the forefront of the scene.

Kicking into life with a shuffled groove and flickering offbeat hi-hat ‘Mind Blown’ quickly goes from rhythmic to melodic with the induction of a shimmering layer of chords, pads and ambience that introduce the first break. The vocals let rip for the first time, soaked in sonically pleasing saturation and filtering before the main drop unleashes a sub bass and hypnotic arp lead that will send your senses into a flash of euphoria and reflection, such is the contrasting production style of Will, who manages to merge the melodic with the raw with beautiful sophistication. The finale of ‘Mind Blown’ comes after the second drop when all the teasing filtering and structure come together to blend a perfectly balanced and mixed production that runs the sub bass, leads, keys, pads, strings and vocals all in one potent tonic that is expertly placed in-between the kick and groove leaving ample separation and dynamics for a top-level balance in mix and delivery.

“The core of the song was made in around two hours and it was really just me messing around with some cool sounding drums and synths in my bedroom setup. The creative process for this song came really naturally even though this is a new musical direction for me. I’m excited to continue to explore the sound further and see what it develops into.”

We give this one a “certified banger” status and expect to see it rallying armies of listeners and industry support for Will as he starts his big push into 2022 to make it a year to remember. Now my mind is blown…

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