Cyazon Pushes Conventional Boundaries of Music With Impressive Radio Show

In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music, with doses of heavy synths, hard hitting beats and melodic supersaws that encapsulates his vision of the dark undertones of abandoned streets, with the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis. With the release of his brand-new radio show ‘Cyber Future’, you can expect to find a plethora of […]

Tune Into Naizon’s Latest Month of Naiz:On Air

The latest month of Naiz:On Air offers a delectable range of the hottest Tech House in the industry straight from Naizon. With the show rapidly maturing into a popular power hour of the best the scene has to offer, the latest shows in April are an exciting culmination of big beats, remixes and an eclectic mix of tracks from the […]

Sink Your Teeth Into The Latest Month of Jacob Colon’s Made To Move Radio Show

As we move into the month of April, Jacob Colon’s collection of shows from March draws us in to get the latest fix of the best House the scene has to offer, with a sultry blend of the hottest Afro House packed full of groove. Jacob Colon’s rise to prominence in the industry comes down […]

Naizon’s Unmissable Must Not Mix Radio Show – Naiz:On Air

Bringing dancefloor-ready mixes of the freshest House anthems in the absence of raves, you can expect to have your thirst quenched with Naizon’s latest accumulation of Naiz:On Air radio shows in March. Naizon brings the energy of his real-life sets to his unmissable must not mix series, where he features some of the hottest Tech-House records from figureheads in the industry […]

Listen to Jacob Colon’s Latest Remix of ‘Love Ahora’

Vann Morfin and Laura Noble have joined forces in a seamless remix collaboration with Jacob Colon to produce their brand-new version of the track ‘Love Ahora’. Each of the artists have brought their talents in the industry together, Vann Morfin has a renowned reputation in the scene, which is built upon his passion for Electronic […]

Naizon – February Naiz:On Air

This month on Naiz:On Air we have seen the show continue its exponential growth, considering it has transformed from a weekly power hour of the best new Tech House in the world into a must not miss mix series. Naizon has built a reputation for himself through his inclusion of big beats, remixes and an eclectic mix of tracks from the past and modern day.   Naiz:On Air […]

Check out Toma Hawk’s February Edition of Lakota Radio

Toma Hawk is back this month with a plethora of sensational radio shows full of the very best Techno tunes around. With a history drenched in dance music and Techno, he has developed quite the reputation for his radio show ‘Lakota Radio’, where he delves deep into the underground scene to bring you the hottest tracks in the industry from underground DJs to industry legends.   […]

Get Your Latest House Fix With Jacob Colon’s February Made To Move Radio

Get your fix on the best House tunes to offer, Jacob Colon will more than suffice with his growing weekly radio show, ‘Made To Move’. As a task he started during the lockdown, Jacob Colon has been working hard on the show to curate and mix his favorite releases from every corner of the House scene, […]

Joe Hawes’ latest edition of Coffee House Radio is out now

Joe Hawes is back once again with his monthly show that is bursting with the very best Future House bangers that are guaranteed to lift your spirits and have you raving around your house! Joe has built himself quite the reputation within the UK dance scene as pre-Covid he would deliver exceptional club sets that […]

Check out the latest episodes of Toma Hawk’s Lakota Radio

Toma Hawk is an artist whose passion for Techno knows no bounds. He is responsible for some exceptional releases such as ‘Velvet’, ‘Destination Zero’ and the brand-new hard-hitting Techno EP that was released on Friday ‘Music For A New Generation’. With his career spanning over 25 years, Toma Hawk has evolved his sound over the […]