Cyazon Pushes Conventional Boundaries of Music With Impressive Radio Show

In recent times, Cyazon has pushed through the boundaries of conventional music, with doses of heavy synths, hard hitting beats and melodic supersaws that encapsulates his vision of the dark undertones of abandoned streets, with the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis. With the release of his brand-new radio show ‘Cyber Future’, you can expect to find a plethora of inimitable sounds built up from Cyazon’s library of unique tastes and influences where he takes listeners on a journey through time, chaos and self-discovery through his own inimitable discretion of what the future sounds like.  

Considering Cyazon has such a vast range of beautifully unique musical influences, his sound is like no other, his show is a unique demonstration of his skills that set the tone of each show with an ethereal, yet electrifying tones. Suddenly, we can find ourselves delving into a barrage of crazy hard-hitting sounds bound to shake any dancefloor with bass and shake you to your very core, with impressive featuring artists each week.  

You can expect to hear electronic remixes of hits from Bring Me The Horizon, Seven Lions and Snooze and KRILLA. Right now, you can hear Cyazon’s ‘Cyber Future’ Show being feature globally on radio stations like Move Ibiza Radio, Sonance Sessions Radio, Tune1, Lumix FM, Starter FM, and Shaky radio. 

Cyazon Online