Cyazon Is Here With a New Hit Titled ‘Tech’

Cyazon is back with yet another powerful banger titled ‘Tech’. The DJ and music producer known for his signature style and impressive sound that blends a cyberpunk aesthetic and the sounds of genres like Dubstep or Electro-House with a futuristic twist; Cyazon is surely a name to follow. 

Following the success of his hard-hitting releases like ‘Artificial Tears’ and ‘Netrunner’ featuring Becko, ‘Falling For You’, and most recently, ‘ARC’, through top-tier labels like FiXT, Bass Rebels and Monstercat and his time in the studio working on new productions and polishing his already remarkable skills, Cyazon is set to surpass previous achievements with a fresh and mighty sound that can’t be overlooked. His innovative style that creates a futuristic, sometimes, dystopian, but legendary world packed with remarkable sounds created by the music production mastermind. 

With a cinematic, uplifting and epic sound, ‘Tech’ displays the whole range of Cyazon’s genius, with a piercing and infectious main synth line, pads and sonic elements that add an ethereal and stimulating vibe that intensifies to reach the powerful and striking drop. With a revved up beat, growling pads and synth lines that glitch, explode and takes the listener into a full-speed sonic journey filled with adrenaline and a hard-hitting sound. 

This new release further proves, once more, that Cyazon’s name deserves a top spot on the list of groundbreaking artists making their own way in the music scene, while taking the Electronic music world by storm, as each release on Cyazon’s catalog shares his unique and cutting-edge vision, as well as his passion for music and boundless talent. 

Don’t forget to follow Cyazon as he continues to bring forward innovative music packed with his own style and sound that is definitely worth to follow. 

‘Tech’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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