All back to mine: Christian Wünsch’s Top 10 Techno tracks


A man for whom it seems actions will always speak louder than words, it’s safe to say that Christian Wünsch is  heads down techno culture personified.

With a career spanning decades on the European and worldwide scene, collaborative projects with heroes like Oscar Mulero, and a reputation amongst heads for creating, performing and playing the kind of tunes destined to devastate any room, he’s probably forgotten more about things that go bump (or indeed bang) in the night than we’ll ever really know.

Last month he released the superb Internal Conversion album via the legendary Pole Group imprint, reminding us of exactly how good he is, and with that in mind we decided it might be a good idea to ask him about his favourite techno tracks of all time. As it turned out we were right, so take a look below for an educational journey through properness.


Kraftwerk – Numbers
This track is an absolute masterpiece!! I’ve played Numbers countless times.

Maurizio – M4
Superb track! Such elegant minimal techno. This is definitely one of my essentials!

Robert Hood – Detroit One Circle
Detroit One Circle one of my favourite tracks from Mr Hood, high class techno!!

Drexciya – Black Sea
Detroit´s James Stinson and Gerald Donald, one of my favourite groups. Respect to Drexciya!

Jeff Mills – Growth 
Love it!!! Timeless track from the boss.

Suburban Knights – The Worlds 
Amazing track by James Pennintong, both sides of the vinyl are great. 

Dave Clarke – Red 2
Red was a great collection of records by DC, he made 3 in total, I like all 3 of them.

Regis – Speak To Me
Brutal!! One of his first releases, no words.


Green Velvet – Abduction Rmx by Surgeon
Great remix…Proper techno from the Surgeon.

Carl Craig – Sandstorms
Just Another Day isn’t just another E.P, the whole thing is stunning.


Christian Wünsch’s new album, Internal Conversion, is available now via Pole Group