Cynthia Laclé Presents ‘Broken Dreams’

Cynthia Laclé releases her newest Techno production, ‘Broken Dreams’, unleashing her driving sound and hard-hitting energy once more. With a creative momentum that continues to propel her to thrilling sonic territories, discovering new ways to express her inspirations and elevate the sound of her productions, Cynthia Laclé maintains musical originality throughout her work. Now, dropping yet […]

Semark Presents His Latest House Production ‘Want Ur Love’

The UK-based Producer and DJ Semark unveils ‘Want Ur Love’: a brand-new House anthem poised to excite listeners, invigorating them with a driving soundscape punctuated by pounding beats and catchy melodies. As he sets about making a name for himself within Electronic Music, having already released several productions, including an official remix for Mollie Collins’ […]

Alfiya Glow Brings Dynamic Sound with ‘Echoes of Arrival’

Producer, DJ and Violinist Alfiya Glow presents her newest release, ‘Echoes of Arrival’; an uplifting Deep/Melodic House production, the track places her multi-faceted talents and distinct signature sound in the spotlight, bringing mesmerising string melodies layered alongside driving rhythms and full-bodied sonic details. With a unique approach, supported by her passion and love for music, […]

Canguru Brings Trap Energy with ‘Pick It Up’

Canguru is back with his newest single, ‘Pick It Up’; a Trap anthem, this latest release is poised to garner attention, welcoming listeners on a sonic journey through hypnotising beats, alluring vocals, and mesmerising details. A Producer and DJ motivated by his creative energy, Canguru continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, taking to […]

Alex Kislov Releases ‘Daydream’: a Mighty-Sounding Track Featuring Vocalist Ron Carroll

The Chicago-based Producer and DJ Alex Kislov unveils his latest Progressive House release, ‘Daydream’, featuring the captivating vocals of Ron Carroll, via AK & Friends. With a sound that takes inspiration from Deep House and Techno, bringing in elements from the Experimental Beats genre, Alex Kislov continues to showcase originality throughout his music, pushing boundaries […]

Listen Now to ‘Lost’: a Powerful New Track From Angel Parilli and Bobby John

Angel Parilli has linked up with the Vocalist Bobby John for their new Progressive House release, ‘Lost’. Having just recently dropped his solo production, ‘Interstellar’, Angel Parilli appears to be carrying on with his momentum, remaining motivated as he releases yet another production for his listeners to immerse themselves in. As the pair comes together, […]

DJ Dris Brings Afro House Energy with ‘Afrocana’

DJ Dris unveils his newest Afro House release, ‘Afrocana’, through Born Digital Music. With a production catalogue that is fast growing as he continues with an impressive release schedule, frequently dropping productions for listeners to enjoy, DJ Dris has landed on the Electronic Music scene with determination and commitment, equipped with an expansive skillset that […]

Cyazon Presents an Electrifying New Single Titled ‘Lights’

Cyazon unleashes his signature energy once again with the release of his brand-new track, ‘Lights’: a production that blends elements from Drum & Bass with Melodic Dubstep. As he continues to prove the originality of his creativity, discovering fresh ways to elevate his productions through sonic exploration and experimentation, the Producer remains a talent to keep watching […]

DEARI Drops ‘Be The One’: a Mighty-Sounding Dance Production

DEARI is here to present his latest Dance single, ‘Be The One’ via Chapter Eight; a force to be reckoned with when it comes to his drive and determination, DEARI continues to gain momentum, garnering attention from genre enthusiasts worldwide with his powerful signature sound. As he becomes known for his high energy, blending elements […]

Hit Play and Discover the Compelling Sounds of Bobby Shann’s ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’

Bobby Shann invites listeners on a musical voyage with his new 17-track album, ‘A.N.P.A – Power Unleashed’, a follow-up to his 2020 album, ‘A.N.P.A’. Working alongside his passion, interest, and knowledge of the Japanese anime franchise Dragon Ball, the album works to capture the essence of the series, incorporating concepts, themes, and characters to offer […]