An Interview With: Larse

Connected has had an amazing run of parties in the seven years they have been running. From Davide Squillace to Matt Tolfrey, JordanPeak, Russ Yallop, Anthea, Mendo, Huxley and AudioJack, the night has showcased established underground names next to up and comers at a range of venues around London. Now settled at Cable, they celebrate their 7th with Below and One Records man Adam Shelton, Inxec and more including Larse on September 29th. Germany’s Larse is a current hot property, with his releases on Noir and We Love This carving out his own sonic niche .. we grabbed 5 minutes to find out  more.

You have your own radio show on – for those who don’t know, what is the show about?

It’s a 5hour Friday night show on Germany’s biggest youth radiostation 1LIVE, mainly about Club music from House to Downtempo, Disco and Hip Hop!

As a special we have a literature feature. We invite some of Germany’s upcoming young authors to read from their books- which is combined with music, so this part of the show is kind of an audiobook… which is fun but a challenge to find the right mood, that fit the words!

What interests you about having your own show?

One of the best things of having a radioshow is to spread some good music! Hopefully it works out 😉

I bet you get to listen to a lot of new music, which must be an amazing opportunity to scout for fresh artists?

Yes, thats quite nice even though sometimes it’s hard to get through all those promos and find the right ones! But i love listening to new and upcoming stuff!

You will play Connecteds 7th birthday next month. What can we expect from you at show?

Yeah, lookin’ forward to it! Everytime I’m in London, it’s special- i love the city and i got good friends there! Think i will test out some new stuff, the released ones and some bangers for sure!!

Birthday parties are always special occasions, will you let your hair down later after your set?

Mmh, Yes!

How would you say your style has developed over the years?

I started deejaying in the early 90’s, at that time i was more into Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco! I Love black music in all its facetes and try to mix it all up- from disco to House and back…as you can hear in my productions!

Finally where can we see you play in the up and coming months?

In the next weeks I will play Amsterdam, Munich, Bukarest, Newcastle, and if you’re in my hometown Dortmund, please make sure to visit my own party „Good Times“- it’s every 3rd saturday and about good music from early discobreaks to the freshest deephouse!