Out of control: 5 insane parties you don’t want to host

Party Riot

Last weekend a 13-year-old’s soiree in Stockport, Greater Manchester, went wrong, resulting in far too many guests and a police swoop. As per usual in such cases, invites were shared across a variety of social media platforms, which is never great news for parents or a good idea in general. As the following five examples go to show. Little bastards.

Most stereotypical- UMass Amherst, USA- 2014 

American college life, kegs and St. Patrick’s Day. There was only ever going to be one winner in this category. In the end more than 40 people were arrested after organisers lost control of a pre-Patrick’s party held close to the University of Massachusetts campus at Amherst earlier this year, dropping points for originality in the process.

Most disrespectful because mum was home- Essex, England- 2013 

As per Daily Mail Online, this ‘Facebook party’ left a £30,000 trail of wanton destruction throughout Sarah Hine’s family abode when word spread of her 15th birthday celebrations. With grand pianos broken and tossed into the garden, doors ripped off hinges and offensive graffiti daubed inside we can only imagine the trauma mum went through, who was apparently on site but unable to stop the 800-strong rabble that turned up, until the police arrived three hours into the bash.

Crowds of people outside the party

Most overcrowded- Haren, Netherlands- 2012

Holland is widely regarded as a pretty chilled out and respectful place. Nevertheless, as a nation the Dutch really like to party, and by that we don’t just mean at clubs or megafestivals like Awakenings and ADE. Take Merthe Weusthuis’ 16th, for example, which was attended by 4,000 revellers and lots of cops in full riot gear despatched after violence broke out. Apparently she forget to check her Facebook privacy settings, and didn’t notice when an unofficial marketing campaign broke out advertising the event, which even included a dedicated website.

Most predicted- Hamburg, Germany- 2013

When the parents of ‘Thessa’ found out a staggering 15,000 people had accepted Facebook invitations to a party at their house they decided to take drastic steps that eventually proved wise. The event was publicly cancelled, they cordoned off their home, hired a private security firm and made sure 100 police officers were on the ground before the masses turned up, which, despite warnings not to come, still numbered 1,500.

Most profitable- Melbourne, Australia- 2008

The police show up with a helicopter, several dogs and squad cars, even though Corey Worthington’s parents implicitly told him not to have a party whilst they were away. Apology time? Far from it, as these bizarre news segments show, the punk became a voice for an Australian generation out of control, hitting the road for a tour organised by his agent in one of the worst examples of what’s wrong with the world we’ve encountered in some time. Oh, and did we mention he looks like a tit?