Sir Ivan Unleashes a Dancefloor Staple with ‘Peace On Earth’ – A Charitable New Release

Global recording artist and one of Dance Music’s foremost philanthropists Sir Ivan unveils his latest single, ‘Peace On Earth.’ With a career that continually sees him emerging as an ambassador for universal peace and love, producing music exploring these concepts and donating all release proceeds to charitable efforts in a variety of domains, Sir Ivan has rightfully become known as the Peaceman. Now, releasing another production, Sir Ivan’s commitment to supporting those in need becomes even more apparent; with all proceeds from ‘Peace On Earth’ being directed to providing support and aid to the State of Israel during its current climate of conflict. Sir Ivan appears not only as an impressive talent when it comes to recording music, but also an influential social advocate whose presence is sure to make an impact across the globe.  

 When speaking about the release, Sir Ivan states: 

‘This cause is both important and near to my heart. Through ‘Peace On Earth,’ I strive to uplift spirits and help Israel during this time of dire need.’ 

With a drive and loyalty to producing hard-hitting music and supporting needy causes, Sir Ivan is an undeniable force. Having set up his non-profit charity, ‘The Peaceman Foundation,’ to help battle Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sir Ivan is consistently presenting himself as a true humanitarian: pairing his musical creativity with his philanthropy, donating all proceeds from each release to his non-profit charity, Sir Ivan elevates the messages and meanings rooted within his music, delivering tangible action for causes close to his heart.  

‘Peace On Earth’ delivers an enthralling sonic journey that is sure to capture the attention of genre lovers worldwide; with an infectious energy, the track opens with bouncy arpeggiators and hypnotic synthlines. Soon, thumping beats, punchy melodies, powerful vocal hooks, and a full-bodied bassline enter to drive the track forward as electrifying details layer into the dynamic soundscape, adding an intense colour to the mix. As it delivers high-energy vibes, ‘Peace On Earth’ is poised to become a dancefloor staple, sure to leave a lasting impression on its listeners.  

Reaffirming his status as the man that the world and industry needs in times of crisis, Sir Ivan continues to deliver powerful releases and build large-scale supportive causes for those in need, Sir Ivan is always a reliable bastian of peace and prosperity. So, make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date on his projects. ‘Peace On Earth’ is out now and available in all major online stores and leading streaming platforms. Whether you’re a regular buyer of digital music or not, we urge you to make this a single that you do purchase as the cause is fundamental to peace and prosperity on earth, and you can’t put a price on that. 


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