Visited – Jackson and His Computer Band – Dead Living Things


I’d never even heard of Jackson and His Computer Band, until today. His track ‘Dead Living Things’ has now dragged itself, at least 10 times,  bleeding, through the gravel of my mind. I am in LOVE. The French producer – effortless amalgamator of 80s-inspired sounds and violent techno – last year released his first album in EIGHT years.

The video – directed by Alexandre Courtès – takes a dark and deliciously depraved amble through Suspiria-esk scene-scapes. Creepy, awesome, eerie and a littlebitsexy…the vibe reeks of a strange and claustraphobic paranoia.

Taken from the album ‘Glow’, ‘Dead Living Things’ is the only Courtès video of 2013, he describes it as “a juxtaposition of life scenes and actions that have nothing to do with each other in particular, that however create a fantastic dynamic and resolutely surreal experience.

‘Glow’ was released worldwide. It’s available from…

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Check it…