Skrillex Releases Surprise Album


After years of bedroom remixing, releasing a squillion EP’s (and then giving them away on MySpace) – 26 year Skrillex (AKA old Sonny Moore) last week announced and streamed his first fully-formed album, via DAZED and his Alien Ride app .

The app was developed as an innovative way to deliver music to his core fans: “I know this isn’t going to change the world. I just thought I’d put a free app out and see what happened. So the people who are interested can check it out, no pressure. Right now there are underground acts out there on the internet releasing music in really clever ways, with really cool video content that supplements the music.

Recess fearlessly explores a myriad of different beats, samples and sounds –  showcasing a fresh new spectrum to Skrillex’s sonic palette. Seriously engaging, surprising and at times really quite magical (No. 10 – Ease My Mind), the album is EPIC – on a galactic scale.  Guests include the heavyweight likes of Kid Harpoon, Fatman Scoop and Chance The Rapper. It’s badass.

Have a squiz HERE – courtesy of Dazed Digital. Full interview included.