Visited – Flume & Chet Faker’s ‘Drop the Game’


Dark, soulful and atmospheric street styles – Flume & Chet Faker’s ‘Drop the Game’ features the INCREDIBLE moves of flex champion –  Storyboard P.

The 23 year old Brooklyn boy first experienced dance with his grandma. As a painfully shy toddler he hated the feeling of exposure and vulnerability; he soon however learned to harass the emotion, turning it into something powerful and unique. “When you’re dancing, you’re revealing yourself—all these temptations, vulnerabilities, things you can’t see otherwise.

Today – at 23 – he’s a star of ‘flex’ – a form of street dance distinguished by ‘jarring feats of contortion, pantomime, and footwork that simulates levitation’. Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Jerome Robbins (Westside story) and Nicholas Brothers – Storyboard virtually floats on air, choreographing and improvising all of his own moves.

His energy and originality has taken street dance to a mesmerising new level of maturity. This video melted me –  heart and mind. Great track, dazzling moves – and all from a team of talent still in their 20’s. Big things.