Monkey Brothers serve up the delectable Golden Fish

Monkey Brothers are Sergio and Ruben Pellon. Together, they run the Parallel label, a medium for their sometimes bizarre, but always intriguing and fascinating left-of-field house music. On the label’s latest foray, the boys step up to the mantle with some gumption, with Golden Fish a record that’s every bit as enticing as it is somewhat weird and wonderful. cover golden fish 1400

Sprayed with bellowing synths and intricate nuances, the title-track moves and sways like a Portishead or Massive Attack jam from the 90s. Gietre’s vocals help lend it a beautiful human depth, as they course through the track emitting a waif-like edge that works wonders with the track’s bountiful strings. Really exceptional stuff this.

‘My Joy’ is the second of the originals, and while its beautiful piano lines lend it a beautiful cinematic vibe (and Gietre’s vocals are again harmonized in a gorgeous, sultry manner), it lacks the zest of the title-track. That said, on its own merits its still a fine track, and much like all great pop songs, both tracks here are ripe for the remix treatment. Omer Grinker’s deep house interpretation of ‘Golden Fish’ leans on bass heavy, analogue timbres to make an impression, and it’s a lovely, musical take on the original. Lastly, it’s the Monkey Brothers themselves who transform ‘My Joy’ in to a whole new track, as they inject it with an added dose of atmosphere for good measure. It’s multilayered stuff that conjures up the emotions, and indicative of a duo really willing to push the boat out with every last beat of their latest EP.