Boo Williams – Living Waters EP

3516-152707_600Boo Williams is one of the original Chicago house dudes still going strong today. Both his new music and any and all reissues get jumped on by true house fans in a heartbeat, and this one is no different. The Loving Waters EP features three new tracks that all have that classic Willie Griffin sound.

First up is 7 Days, a quick licked bit of hi tech soul that is rippled with subtle chords, has some frazzled basslines buried deep within and is the sort of thing that works its way right into your brain over its course. Distant Land is a little more nuanced and slower, with raw drum piled on raw perc. Sizzling synths and pixelated piano lines all wrap around each other with a glistening texture and make for some of Boos most trance inducing work yet. Closing out another essential EP on the Goldmin label is Living Waters. A bed of funky drums is established early on and from there is all about the pretty chords, dancing melody lines and golden pads and how they cleanse your brain and uplift your mind. This is how house music should sound.