Various Artists ‘Cavo Paradiso 11 Reconstructions: David Squillace’

Cavo Paradiso 11 – Reconstructions mixed by David Squillace

CD / Digital

Cavo Paradiso / Released June 2011


What does it sound like?

Sonics for the summer, regardless of whatever drab conditions plague your locale. As resident of Circo Loco it would seem most things touched by the infectious-groove laden hands of David Squillace come complete with the soundtrack to some imagined weekday hedonistic heaven; it’s low-slung, and suited to the warm temperatures associated with expansive aircraft hangars and sun-kissed terraces alike.

That the album is inspired by another warm island, namely Greece’s burgeoning after-dark destination of Mykonos and the resort’s premier club, is irrelevant. What matters is the rhythmic, percussive, and very housey tech soundtrack that touches base with soulful builders and heads down, upbeat chuggers alike. So if you’re looking for the pre-party balcony drinks soundtrack this might well bring the search to an end, for a few plays anyway.

Where would I dance to it?

The Mediterranean, and probably a host of sun-inspired events attended by well groomed but sweat soaked individuals in colder countries too- just close your eyes and imagine those blue skies.

What highlights can I expect to here?

Few vocals work better than a man going on about ladies of the night, so the cosmic disco leaning Visionquest remix of Seuil & dOP’s Prostitute is going to stick with everyone. And not least because of its saturation in all that’s good about house sleaze, as the tune’s pretty danceable too.

Then there are the chimes of Kookoo Mind from Dead Seal, a track constructed almost entirely from distorted and looped lyrical accents with a bumbling low end. It’s pretty hard to resist… throw in some punchy snares and, while the story is familiar, it becomes clear there is still plenty of pleasure to be derived from this familiar arrangement. That said, we’ve already expressed our appreciation for Agaric’s dubby, druggy Who Made Up The Rules, which also shines amongst the brightest gems here.

Why should I pay for it?

As per, it’s all about respect.

Where can I buy it?

Armada Music Shop.