Jammy’s Jaunts Review List of the Events I went to in 2013

So this is what happened in 2013 this year! I covered 130 parties altogether this whole year from January NYD 2013 till December 22nd 2012 not including August as I was away.



1) Jaded NYD with Mr G and Raymundo Rodriguez

2) Void NYD

3) RBMA presents LFO full live show and Truss (MPIA3)

4) Mooch 4th Birthday feat Tom Ruijg

5) Jaded presents Lucy

6) Cartulis Day presents Overall Records

7) Sigha and DVS1 at Fabric

8) Jaded hosts Cartulis Day afters with Javier Carballo and Hanfry Martinez

9) ELM opening with Christian Burkhardt, Damian Schwartz, Blind Minded, Andrea Giudice and Mathieu Mirande

10) One More with Skudge ( live ), Ryan Elliott, Arnaud Le Texier and Outart

11) Jaded with Roberto, Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford and Mathias Woot


1) Ctrl Shift presents Paul Woolford & Arnaud Le Texier

2) Spilt Milk at Night with Todd Bodine, Marc Ashken and Tred Benedict

3) Tresor Berlin presents Juan Atkins, DJ Deep, Dasha Rush & Psyk

4) Jaded with Gary Beck

5) Groovecast

6) LWE and Desolat present: Sidexside – Tini, Guti and Michael Wells

7) Jaded with Alan Fitzpatrick, Raymundo Rodriguez, Alex Kleve and Ro-noise

8) BERLIN: Grounded Theory with Adam X and Cari Lekebusch

9) BERLIN: Berghain with Rrose, Dadub (live), Xhin, Lucy, Iori, Jesper Dahlback, Joel Mull and Len Faki

10) ELM presents Dinky

11) Closer: Chris Liebing 6 Hours and Rejam

12) Jaded with Jerome Sydenham


1) Plex Basement Sessions #1 with Subhead live, Objekt, Luke Handsfree and James Tec

2) Basis featuring Owen Howells

3) Illusion Sound Warehouse Party 1st Birthday with Octave, Morgan Tomas, Chris Page and Michael Wells

4) Jaded with DJ W!ld and Edit Select

5) Be@TV presents Rhythmatic with Stathis Lazarides and Archie Hamilton

6) Fabric presents Terry Francis, Marcel Dettmann and O/V/R (live)

7) Jaded with Cari Lekebusch, Raymundo Rodriguez, DeadEcho, Canary Fontaine and Zippy

8)  Rejam 2nd Birthday with Dorian Paic and Herodot

9) Jaded with Reset Robot, Raymundo Rodriguez, Unai Trotti and Mouj

10) Don’t Techno Sh!t with Miro Pajic

11) Cartuli’s Day – March Edition with Christopher Rau and Doubting Thomas (live)

12) Sub Terrania afters with Geddes

13) Ardor with Nikola Gala, Ed Davenport, Okain, Jay Jory and Chris Stanford

14) Jaded with Oliver Deutschmann

15) Ostgut Ton x 50 Weapons with Marcel Fengler, Function, Barker & Baumecker, Robert Hood and Shed

16) Jaded with Answer Code Request

17) Get Diverted Terrace Opening Party with Tiefschwarz

18) Fabric with  Kevin Saunderson Kenny Larkin and Kyle Hall


1) Jaded with Sierra Sam & Claudia Lovisa

2) Fuse Easter Rave with Maayan Nidam and Enzo Siragusa

3) Lost with Jeff Mills and Moritz Van Oswald

4) We Fear Silence present Blueprint Records with Ben Klock, Blawan and DVS1

5) Fabric with Surgeon and Peter Van Hoesen (live)

6) Jaded with Raymundo Rodriguez, Canary Fontaine and Zippy

7) Void presents Maker + Mayer

8) Groovecast 2 – Spring party

9) White Jail special with Troy Pierce

10) Rhythmatic with Priku & Lilith

11)  Weekend Circuit 2nd Birthday with Ryan Elliott and Special Guests

12) Jaded presents Raymundo Rodriguez, Michael Wells and Mouj

13) Funkyzeit present: Lucy + Dense & Pika (Live)

14) Cartuli’s Day // April Edition with Luke Solomon and John Dimas

15) Fabric with Sandwell District and Rrose (live)

16) Jaded with Gunnar Stiller

17) One More with Rodhad and Mr G


1) Plex – Basement Sessions #2 with Orphx (live) and AnD

2) Save You x Cartuli’s Day with Tom Clark

3) Superfreq ft Mr.C and Maayan Nidam

4) Void May Day

5) Richie Hawtin presents Enter.

6) Faceless Recordings presents Jonny Cruz

7) Half Baked ‘ Summer Opening ‘ with Agnes aka Cavalier and Tyree Cooper

8) Undersound Invites Next Wave with Praslea & Vale Colvin

9) Entail presents Speedy J, Chris Stanford and Jack and I

10) Bloc presents Surgeon + Scion & Tikiman and Billy Nasty

11) Half Baked Summer Season ‘The Journey Begins’ with Point G (Live), Livio & Roby

12) Bloc presenting Green Velvet + I-f

13) Cartuli’s Day // Bank Holiday with Tevo Howard Live, Le Loup and special guests


1) Rejam Echo Festival Launch Party with Hardworksoftdrink

2) Superfreq with Mr.C, Derek Marin and Brett Johnson

3) Jaded Summer Members party with Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot

4) Void presents Ben Gibson

5) House of God presents Surgeon, Blawan and DJ Skirt

6) Dialogue with Leif and Joe Ellis

7) Fabric with Dave Clarke

8) Plex – Basement Sessions #3 with Rrose

9) Fabric with Pariah and Mike Dehnert

10) ELM presents Gaiser & Ambivalent

11) One More with DVS1 & Sonja Moonear

12) Jaded Summer Members Party II with Oliver Deutschmann


1) Bleed presents Vatican Shadow and Shapednoise

2) Fabric with Raymundo Rodriguez, Konrad Black and Recondite (live) and Ricardo Villalobos

3) Void presents Dave Johnys

4) Boiler Room presents Helena Hauff, Inigo Kennedy, AnD and Gary Beck 

5) Machine presents Ben Sims (live), Oscar Mulero and James Ruskin

6) Fabric with Lucy and Luke Slater

7) Illusion Sound present Kr!z, Material Object and Morgan Tomas

8) Fabric with Nicole Moudaber and Alan Fitzpatrick


Away on holiday


1) Boiler Room presents Vatican Shadow, Cut Hands, Conor Thomas and Russell Haswell

2) Fabric with Vatican Shadow, Regis, Untold, Ricardo Villalobos and Raresh

3) Tryptik with Surgeon, Redshape, Dense & Pika, Michael Wells and Antonio De Angelis

4) Machine Feat. Ben Sims and Kirk Degirogio with Special Guests Rodhad and ROD

5) Boiler Room presents Downwards featuring: The KVB, DVA Damas, Tropic of Cancer and Samuel Kerridge

6) Fabric presents M_nus with Richie Hawtin

7) Illusion Sound presents Silent Steps Night with Kyle Geiger

8) Them with A Made Up Sound/2562, Shifted, Pariah, Mondkopf, Randomer, J.Tijn and Shadow Dancer


1) Boiler Room presents Electric Minds with Prosumer, Fred P and Recondite

2) Void presents Simon Brandreth

3) Save You Presents Meadow in the Mountains

4) Bleed presents Blackest Ever Black

5) Rhythmatic 6th Anniversary with Moritz von Oswald and Petre Inspirescu

6) Fabric 14th Birthday Weekend

7) Eartoground – Dark Sessions with Jonas Kopp, Reeko and Markus Suckut

8) Drumcode Halloween

9) Jaded hosts Drumcode Afterhours

10) Half Baked ‘ Halloween Special ‘ with Ark (Live), Virginia, Wesley Razzy and Greg Brockmann

11) Onemore Halloween Day and Night


1) Plex / Colony / Bleed – PCB

2) Tresor Berlin Presents DJ Hell, Sleeparchive, Dario Zenker and Marcelus

3) Jaded with DJ Skirt

4) Them with Lucy and Mike Dehnert

5) Process with Jeroen Search, Jake Conlon (live) Tom Long B2B Stephen Brown and Dax J. Afters with Phil Denton and Joel

6) Jaded with Rrose

7) The Hydra: Bugged Out & Bleed Presents She Works the Long Nights with Karenn, Surgeon and Midland

8) Jaded with Secluded AKA Hans Bouffmyhre

9) Blacklight with Adam Beyer and Mark Broom

10) Jaded with Raymundo Rodriguez

11) Coma 2nd Anniversary with Token Records & Belief System Records

12) Cocoon London with Sven Vath, Mathew Jonson and Joris Voorn


1) Jaded presents Roberto

2) A Very Void Christmas presents AnD

3) The End Sound System with Mr C and Layo and Bushwacka!

4) Jaded hosts The End After Party with Mr C and Layo and Bushwacka!

5) Resident Advisor featuring Function (live) and Laurent Garnier

6) Fabric with Robert Hood and Ben Klock

7) Jaded Christmas Party

8) Fabric presents MDR records with Marcel Dettmann, Kobosil (live) and Answer Code Request with John Digweed