The Mole ‘Love Is The Way’

The Mole / Love Is The Way


Haunt Music / Released January 2012


What does it sound like? 

In a year of uncertainty (possible armageddon and all that jazz) a few things will remain constant. One of those is that Wagon Repair’s Canadian all-star The Mole will continue to release some of the most imaginative, and highly original dancefloor workouts known to mankind.

Underground in name and sound, this is a guy people still seem to miss amid the sea of people shouting louder, but in contrast to those so often talking at volume about very little the subterranean ‘is that house?’ producer always has a lot to say. As is proved with the big, bounding, warm kick drum and lyrical treat that forms the title track here- think looped voices and rolling rhythms, somewhere between deep house and techno, with a dash of futurist disco.

Variety is the spice of The Mole’s overall oeuvre, and this package is no different, so expect Breathing Mmm to be something of an interlude or DJ tool, running at just over  one minute and consisting of rhythmic whispers, breathy noises, and percussion- perfect to drop into any funk tinged set and get a reaction. Not least if you also include the similarly styled Momoments, wherein the artist shows off his deft ability to do slo-mo better than anyone else, sounding like breakbeat blues a la David Holmes with his Free Association, only darker and weirder.

What are the highlights? 

Four great tracks make up this must buy, and each serve a very different purpose. From the future-house of opening number Love Is The Way, to the more soulful oddball funk of the two other aforementioned outings it’s all good. For us though the surprise winner is Stuck In Numbers, with it’s spine-tingling chime and echo melody, followed by kick-less shuffling snares and hi-hats that build into a near silent crescendo. The Balearic sound, K&D Sessions, and Four Tet’s more ambient, euphoric side all come to mind.

Where can I buy it?