Sei A ‘Make It Work’


Sei A – Make It Work

Vinyl / Digital 

Aus Music / Released November 2013


Opening with a beat indicative of this era- four four but hidden beneath a percussive crack that serves to disseminate the rhythm into something more stepping than slamming- and it’s easy to start predicting distinctly new school flavours to emanate from Sei A’s latest. But, whilst it’s a distinctly modern arrangement, there’s a timeless taste to what the producer has plated up this time round.

Indeed, it takes very little time at all for Make It Work to begin living up to its name. Hypnotic pads accentuate the heads down atmosphere; solid beats, inviting hooks, but ultimately (save for a breakdown complete with deep vocals) things are far more concerned with keeping bodies in full flow and heads down than anything else. In contrast what’s on the flip is likely to be more satisfactory to fans of the here and now.

Not that we’re complaining, at all. If there’s a favourite from this EP it’s certainly the titular thanks to its unapologetic stance. That said the other two offerings here are all well and good- the bouncy house of I’ll Take You There (fans of The Classic Music Company take note) and the punchy snare topped kicks of Hing (digital release only), wherein welcoming refrains hover above crisp, clean sounding drum and hat accents. Add to this Breach’s remix of Make It Work, a far more patient and sprawling interpretation that refuses to do anything other than build, and ultimately what’s here is another accomplished Aus package that should fit in well with a vast array of dancefloors.