Peace Division feat Dan Diamond ‘Club Therapy Remixes’

 Peace Division feat Dan Diamond – Club Therapy Remixes 

Vinyl / Digital

Dogmatik / Released November 2013


Originally unveiled in 2004, it’s always difficult to ascertain exactly how nine year old tracks will fare in a scene that is notoriously, rather counter productively and (once you have passed a certain age) offensively driven by trends. Will the tune retain all we originally saw, or make an embarrassment of itself, like an enthusiastic has been desperately looking to let his (or her) hair down.

Of course Club Therapy is very much of its time, but realistically speaking this is Peace Division, and irrespective of Clive Henry’s latter day success there are few DJs that played their tribalistic proggy rhythms back in the day that wouldn’t do the same now, providing the copy still plays. Every dance tone will always be of its era, such is the overall musical style in this area, but just as in the era of the legendary (in our eyes) Dropping Deep EP, realistically speaking you’d need to be a few sense short of astute to find a problem with the original, sluggish ‘hit-you-in-the-chest-with-a-stepping-beat’ offering. 

As is- and should be- the case with this kind of repressing we’re offered a few remixes to ensure this isn’t all a nostalgic love in. In the first instance it’s Dan Ghenacia, who evidently had Apollonia on the mind when he was re-piecing the various elements of Club Therapy together again. Nothing much happens, other than the clean, crisp sounds of heads-d0wn, shoulders-in tech (or techno, or house) music that’s unarguably clean, crisp and clear, so providing you weren’t expecting a complete rethink on all the producer is it should its purpose relatively well.

Red Rack em certainly comes at things from a different angle, kind of. Rather than opting for the big roller remit instead we’re given something more like the original- stepping, near-sliggish and pad/organ driven. It’s a nice second offering considering the first, although we must concede that the aspect of this package that resonated the most has to be Peace Division’s original workout. Whether you prefer to write that off as merely a part of our perpetual love for the old(er) school is really up to you.