Thermal Bear ‘Could Be Nice EP’



Thermal Bear / Could Be Nice EP

Vinyl / Digital 

Last Night On Earth / Released March 2013


There are some names that, when heard, can’t help but invoke images and preconceptions. Last Night On Earth would be one of those, or at least it is if you know Sasha is the guy behind the imprint in question.

Cast aside presumptions, mind, as the latest from the label is a far cry from what many may associate with The Man Like. Then again, it’s all highly original, not quite this, not quite that, meaning realistically it’s perfectly logical Alexander Coe has something to do with the release.

Opener B3 exists somewhere between future garage and the less intimidating end of Sleep Archive, so bleeps and stepping beats, before it breaks into its understated acid piano line, and begins to add some melodic synth textures. Far from an average outing, it’s also a far cry from the slightly confusing minimalistic drums- ever-so-slightly off-kilter, vocal stabs and whispers of Dunj. Add the broken electro epic that is Phone, along with the dirty tech house party starter Don’t Bear Touch It and what you’re left with is proof Thermal Bear, a guy who claims to have no interesting background story other than the fact he “managed to get himself out of bed long enough to fart about with his computer for a bit”, is one of the more interesting producers we’ve encountered in quite some time.