Omid 16B ‘Rain b/w Passion of Zorro’

Omid 16B / ‘Rain ; Passion of Zorro’


Bedrock Digital / Released 28th February 2011

There’s something of a sheen to everything about Bedrock. Well, maybe sheen’s not the right word exactly. But still, this difficult to pin point rocky (dare it be said proggy?) and rolling grace ensures the imprint releases tracks that cannot be counterfeited. Basically, you know what you’re listening to, and know what you’re about to hear, almost before the first loop steps in.

So fans of relentlessly challenging beat structures should be wary. In contrast those that appreciate the joy of relentless kicks and mini-breakdowns that leave you treading water before plunging back in at the deep end will be in their element. And by element, we really do mean element. Perfect for the main room or cellar, Sex On Wax bossman Omid’s groove, coupled with the intent inherent in any good nocturnal soundtrack, makes for some serious dancefloor weaponry.

Passion of Zorro marries minimalist sensibilities with a melody scarred by trance, threatening to take off to spiralling heights. Glitterballs twinkle above, while heads are gradually forced downward. As with the best club moments, any euphoria is  referenced in the fragile keys, as oppose to realised in full effect. In contrast Rain proves more muscular, but with an additional lift. It’s darker, fatter and boasts something of a hoover-ish bassline that identifies it as ‘stomping’. Powerful, hypnotic and atmospheric are three other words that come to mind, meaning you could be forgiven for thinking John Digweed had a hand in the release.