Time pushes the boundaries with Persian Empire and Ariel Camusso…


Persian Empire & Ariel Camusso – Time

If you like your music fresh, brightly coloured and uplifting then this EP is for you. Across numerous remixes and one great original it bottles plenty of good time vibes that are ripe for the dancefloor this autumn. Coming on OD Music Group Shang Hai, the talents behind the original are Italian Ariel Camusso and breaking through star Persian Empire.

‘Time’ is a great standalone single with well-defined percussion, sweeping synth patterns and a vocal that strikes straight at your heart. It’s packaged in strident drums and plummeting bass notes and really uplifts you once it drops. There are plenty of remixes included in the package but standout efforts include the tortured, pain fuelled version from Frenchman 123Mrk with its bendy sine ways and trippy tones, and the moody, well swung crawler that is the remix provided by Crown Duels. Its polyrhythmic and eerie and completes what is a very tasty and on-point EP from some fine new school producers.