Boddika and Clockwork see out the Halloween at Egg…

A plethora of well rounded talent flowed through Egg Londons doors over the extended Halloween period. With many a party to choose from, we decided to partake in the Friday soiree coming from the X team. Boddika, Clockwork and Hotflush main stay Dense and Pika provided the three pronged attack in what turned out to be one the stand out events amongst the heavy weight line ups.

London’s stalwart venue opted for that Halloween theme with raw and cemetery style decorations Further more the punters and staff all took part inventive outfits that a massed the main dance floors. The crowd, who were definitely in the mood, certainly looked knowledgeable, added to the fray with their selected costumes. Skeleton and zombie themes were most of the audience preferred choices, whilst others opted for clowns, fierce make up, wigs and other death defying props which were somewhat eye opening let me tell you.

Giacomo Tonoli photographer

Dense and Pika who have had a whirlwind year with productions on the mighty Hotflush started off our evening. Ensuring they stamped their authority on the evening with some early warning techno the duo of Glimpse and Alex Jones got those ghosts and ghouls grooving from the get go. Arms were already going skyward as the duo weaved in and out of sublime drops and used the punchy stacker system to their advantage.

Giacomo Tonoli photographer

Boddika, known for his experimental outlook on both production and performing took the reigns in style by cutting sliced of melodies and party hard style bass onto his onlooking party lovers. Subtle drum and bass loops entered in stages but the most exciting part was it was all improvised and nothing was planned. Now also making waves at the forefront of the industrial underground scene, tracks like ‘Mercy VIP’ and ‘Mine to Give’ by Photek and earned sheer admiration from the packed house.

Finishing of our evening was the unmistakable Clockwork. Jacking things up from the outset, the Italian duo pieced together a fine set, with vocal snippets and deeper house vibes twisting the night around from the techno played earlier. This was an all round top night, from the decor to the DJ’ing, to the crowd reaction to the music, it boded well for what was to come from the heavyweight venue in the coming months.

Keep an eye out for events like Kenny Larkin at Nightrain and Cassy, wAFF and Tania Vulcano on NYE as just a couple of outstanding picks.