Terry Farley: Acid Rain forthcoming release

rave25 years ago Acid House got busy creating a UK musical revolution. It was a grey old time in Blighty, Thatcher reigned with an Iron fist and the only thing keeping people from imminent suicide was this fresh new sound – that and a whole lot of ecstasy.  London’s Shoom and Hedonism were booming, and simultaneously, Hacienda’s Hot and Nude nights were kick-starting the movement up’ North.

By 1988 Acid House had swept the nation, turning depressed football hooligans into gurning, hugging sweaty bears. New clubs were opening up almost every month. These included R.I.P, Spectrum, Zoo, The Trip and Apocalypse Now…to name but a few.

Acid House was so effing’ prolific that the political establishment, upon noting the movement, claimed it as a threat to law and order, vilifying the movement and its main symbol, the smiley face.


The repercussions of the original movement are clearly felt today, with a new generation of House Music DJ’s and Clubs taking their cues from the original Acid House sound.

Terry Farley – man, myth, maverick- recently surfaced after months locked away in his underground lair. With the ultimate Acid House renaissance in mind he set to work. Fawning and musing he painstakingly compiled 5 incredible CD’s which trace the movement’s beginnings, and the incredible 6 years when this underground music from Chicago dominated the UK dance floors and spread throughout the world.

Accompanying this incredible aural assault is a 32 page booklet, written and curated by Miles Simpson – founder of the influential House Music blog, ‘Beyond the Stars’. This includes flyers and key photos from the Terry Farley archives. It’s like the history lesson you always dreamed of.