An interview with Mirko Loko – Top 10 late night listens


With releases on imprints like Desolat, Visionquest, and Wagon Repair, the man also known as Lazy Fat People or Mirko Colicchio clearly knows a thing or two about producing non-formulaic four four music. An impressive oeuvre consisting several stand out EPs and singles, along with that highly acclaimed 2009 album on Cadenza, Seventynine.

As such, when we were shortlisting candidates to share their favourite techno tracks with you, our lovely readers, it didn’t take long for us to land on Mirko Loko’s name. Probably because we’ve been hammering the Vagabundos compilation he mixed alongside Cesar Merveille earlier this summer thanks to its enticing selection of quality tunes, played in precisely the right order- from Matthew Dear to Pig & Dan, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts to Radioslave.

Thankfully, the gentleman in question agreed to the discussion, and penned the following list of tunes that represent real aural highlights, and provide a rationale for each item’s inclusion. Introductions over then, it’s probably about time we handed it over to the chap in question, so read on if you’re up for hearing work by the likes of Carl Craig, Luciano, Shackleton, Isolee and Felix Da Housecat, who all feature in the Mirko Loko’s all-time after hours top ten.


Choice (Laurent Garnier/Ludovic Navare/Philippe Zdar) / Acid Eifel (Transmat, Fragil)

This is probably the biggest classic of the classics! Definitely one of the best techno tracks ever, still makes me emotional after more than 20 years. It’s absolutely timeless. The magic is still intact, just need to pitch it a little bit more slowly today and fasten your seat belt!


Carl Craig / Sandstorms  (Planet E)

Carl Craig is no doubt the best producer ever in electronic music for me. He’s my mentor too. This masterpiece is one of my favourites from the long list of beautiful tracks he has made over the years. Soft and delicate construction, along with the unique touch of class from C2.


Round Two Feat. Andy Cain / New Day (Main Street)

This is the premise of Basic Chanel! You can feel the pure vibe of love on the vocals. Sexy, deep and strong. Perfect for sunrise!


Petre Inspirescu / You Don’t Know  (White Label)

It’s very difficult to find it, but this is an authentic magic after hours track. A subtle and sophisticated mix of a modern groove with a sexy warm voice. I’m always impressed by the quality of the Romanian scene. There is such a concentration of talent there and Pedro is one of this instigators with his piers Rhadoo and Raresh.


Luciano / Conspirer (Cadenza)

I can remember the exact day when I heard this for the first time.. For me, this represents Luci in all his splendour! This is the real intergalactic essence of my bro Luciano, and it’s just awesome!


Shackleton / Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix) (Skull)

Ricardo’s groove and the sophistication of his sound are very complex and I find it very interesting. All his productions are from another planet. I love that guy and the fantastic music that he makes. This, for example, is piece of modern art.


Isolée / Music (Playhouse 2001)

Synthetic atmosphere on that track. I really love Isolée’s works. Subtle and fine. This is one of my all-time favourites from Mr Rajko Muller.


Felix Da Housecat / Voices / Power House 94

A pure vestige of Chicago deep house. You could play it again and again for the next 10 years easy!


Carl Craig feat. Mad Mike, Wendell Harrison and Kelvin Sholar / Twilite  (Planet E)

Perfect alliance of three great musicians. Once again C2 but on a different vibe. Music of exception, I hope to make that kind of track like this one day.


Massive Attack / Unfinished Sympathy (Virgin)

This is probably the track that I would take with me to a desert island. Always good to play this at home, and not just in the early hours.