Quick Fire Interview: NiCe7

NiCe7 are a DJ/producer duo from Italy comprised of Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco.  Since 2005 they have been honing their tech house templates with releases on Gruuv, Noir Music, Suara Music and now Great Stuff, whilst also spinning their alluring sets to people in countries all across Europe. Initially emerging with some strong remixes, this exciting pair are now masters of their own musical destinies.

Up-coming projects include a great new EP, Gray Piano, for Great Stuff, as well as releases for top tech label Toolroom Records. ‘Gray Piano’ is well informed by the pair’s wide travels as DJs and is sure to get the dancefloors rolling with two remixes from Tiger Stripes also included. We grabbed 5 minutes to find out more.

How did you guys meet? What drew you to each other?

We’ve been friends forever. We were both born in the same small coastal town in the centre of Italy. It’s the kind of place where everybody knows everybody else. Until 2005, we worked in music separately, both of us starting at the age of 13. After a lot of different experiences all over Italy, we decided to join forces – in djing, clubbing and production. This was how our project Nice 7 started.

And what is the name about?

It’s top secret. [I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you]

Did you grow up listening to electronic music or? How did you come to it? Was there much around where you grew up?

As we said, we grew up in a small town, where lots of things were not available to everyone. Unlike today, thanks to the internet.  The first way we got to know music was over the radio. From there, curiosity and the desire to discover new things led us to local music stores, thanks to which we learned about different kinds of music, including those closer to club culture.

And how long was it before you started making music and DJing together?

We both started Djing in 1994 in local clubs. Cesare used to make beats with an atari falcon 030 and a Ensoniq ASR-10 sampler. Nicola was listening to a lot of old vinyls from the collection of his uncle, who used to be a radio DJ. He also really got into Salsoul Records and the music of Larry Levan. Then in 2000, Cesare moved to Milan where he worked as a sound engineer and arranger for different studios producing club music. Nicola had many experiences in clubs and events all over Italy, where he met lots of international djs and producers.

Who does what – do you each have specific roles when performing and writing or….?

Cesare does more of the technical work and the studio arrangements, Nicola is always looking for new music and different ideas to work on. But we do everything together, both in studio and live on the sets.

I wonder how you ended up doing remixes before doing your own productions?=

That’s an interesting story!  We had started doing original tracks, obviously. Before the release of our first single, Nicola was doing a live set with Mark Knight and played him a remix we had made of his single “Colombian Soul”. We were crazy about the melody, but we could never play it because it was too ‘hard’ for our sets. Mark liked it a lot and decided to release it a little while after. It was incredible to see ourselves on the top 10 in Beatport with our all-time first release! Obviously later, after that release, other labels asked us for remixes. And because of that our remixes were released before our originals!

What do you aim to achieve in the music you make and with the sets you play?

We just want to continue to enjoy the music, both when we’re busy in the studio making our own tracks and when we are doing sets, where the energy goes out to the people dancing. It’s all about being happy with our own work and sending that happiness to the people who listen to our music.

How did you hook up with Great Stuff?

After reaching #1 on Beatport with our track POINT with GRUUV REC., we got a lot of requests from other labels, including Great Stuff. And here we are!

And can you tell us about your forthcoming Toolroom Release?

Right now, we are remixing Musak – Trisco a classic from 2001, it’s going to be a huge release on Toolroom!

Who are you on the daily outside of music?

Music takes up most of our time, but aside from that Nicola likes ‘relax places,’ hi tech stuff, sports, cinema, hanging out with is girlfriend, his friends and family and his little nephews!

Cesare is very active, he does a lot of sports and loves longboard and snowboarding. He also loves to be around his girlfriend and play the guitar or drums with friends.

What else you got coming up?

– NiCe7- Many People” is going out on BLA BLA at the end of july

– NiCe7 – LONGBOARD with rmxs by Namito and Martin Dawson will be coming out on SK SUPREME in august.

– Thalaula – We play house (NiCe7 rmx) on GREATSTUFF, and the NiCe7 EP on GREATSTUFF also comes out in august.

– In september, we’ve got – MUSAK – TRISCO (NiCe7 rmx) on TOOLROOM.


BUY/LISTEN HERE: http://www.beatport.com/track/gray-piano-original/2091880