Todd Terry


What can be said about Todd Terry that hasn’t already been said?
Legendary producer, house music god, king of the beats, SP1200 warlock, remix maestro, and possibly the first man to really fuse hip hop,disco and house properly.

Starting out as a DJ in New York in the 80s, he has gone on to release some of the biggest influences on house music and some of the best known crossover house hits ( Jungle Brothers “I’ll House you” and Everything but the Girls “Missing” ). All this aside, we asked Todd some questions that might shed light on things that haven’t been said about this House Uberlord before:

You’ve been making music through 4 decades now. What’s the secret to your longevity?
Listening to what the kids are into.

Are you a DJ who produces, or a producer that DJs? 
A producer and Artist that DJs

Do you still use your old equipment like the SP1200? 

Do you have a preference over making a track with full vocals and original music or just cutting up the samples and beats and dropping a head nodding track?  
Every track, every vocal track is different, i prefer to have a full song to work with

Downloads. Great idea or bad for the music scene? 
It’s Killing me, I still like vinyl!

What’s happening for you in the studio right now?  
Collaborations!   Roger S,  DJ Chuckie, Prok&Fitch, Armand Van Helden, CID D KID, Sander Kleinenberg, Copyright, Eddie Murphy, R Kelly, 50 Cent, Seriously.

Tell us a little about your DJ set up. CDJs,vinyl,laptop? Any special FX processors?? 
CD’s and Flash for now until I get lazy and use Traktor

Do you think its an advantage having endless soft synths and effects or do you prefer the stripped back days of 12 seconds of sample time and mixing it live on an analog mixing board?
4 seconds of sample time (SP1200) made me more creative,  SSL crunch!

Most memorable gig for the wrong reasons?
1989  Blackpool London DJ-ing w 1 cassette deck and 1 turntable

And finally Todd, Yankees or Mets?? I think I may know the answer. 
YANKEES forever,  METS need help ??