Felix put the cat on the ledge…


Felix Cage – A Cat On A Ledge EP

Felix Cage has had a long-standing relationship with the Electronical Reeds imprint, with the Belgian founding and releasing much of his music on the label. Here, he returns with two more heartfelt originals that come complete with a remix from Superdrums that come over as nicely fresh perspectives on an emotionally resonant house sound.

The first original is Cat on A Ledge, which rides on a nicely undulating melody line which sounds designed for purpose and not culled from some sample pack. It’s tropical and humid and is interspersed with some really organic tinkles on the ivories. Equally spacious and mature is next cut Magda & Magdelene, stuffed with more beguiling little hooks and melodic sounds, some drunken and airy, some liquid and molten. It’s a interesting soundscape of non-standard sounds that really captures a nicely emotive vibe. Finally, Superdrums remixes the same track and makes it that bit more fit for the dancefloor with a robust, frazzled bassline repeating beneath the spiralling melodies of the original floating freely up top.