Various Artists ‘Inner Circles Vol 1’

Various Artists / Inner Circles Vol 1 


Lower East / Released December 2011


What does it sounds like? 

House music, through and through, saturated in the kind of ol’ skool British sounds these nostalgic, genre-resurgence times seem to enjoy so much. “Dirty as I want you, dirty as I need you” seems to be the order of the day then, as Dexter Kane & Gav Memnos’ retake of Stevie V’s classic Dirty Cash bumbles out of the speakers, opening the scoring in very much the same way things proceed throughout the remainder.

Cozzy D & Dodha’s White Lightning comes in at the warmest end of the spectrum, all metronomic deep house hooks set to shades of synth-string melody. In contrast Skalamoosh from Alexis Raphael is perhaps the most rolling, as a three-note retro organ taps out its basic melody and vocal stabs add a little punch to an arrangement that doesn’t quit.

Tougher avenues are explored in She’s Pretty from Lee Brinx, a nice jacking number that nods to toybox techno and electro- the latter of which is at the very core of I Get Ya, Miguel Puente’s apparent ode to Andrew Weatherall’s brand of sleaze. All in all then, there’s certainly plenty to work with, making for a solid eight-track collection that’s more than usable.

Where would I dance to it? 

This being Lower East we’d say the capital’s cooler dancefloors no doubt.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

All of the aforementioned tracks are well worth investigation, not least the Miguel Puente cut, and label co-founder Lee Brinx’s solid kick drummedShe’s Pretty. Elsewhere it’s also a good idea to stick on James Pole’s Keep It Up, a full on Chicago homage if ever there was one.

Why should I pay for it? 

Need you ask?

Where can I buy it?