Tala ‘Sometimes Swing (inc. Third World Orchestra and Tilman remixes)’


Tala / Sometimes Swing (inc. Third World Orchestra and Tilman remixes)


Doble Clic Music / Released June 2013


Expansive chords, soaring echoes and chunky four four beats are just a few of the merits we noticed when listening to this standout South American release.  It’s a huge, synth-led builder in both the Original and Dub mixes, respectively bringing on proggy ethereality and some kind of deep house-spatial electro hybrid, the latter of which we’d say makes the bigger impact.

Tala, producer and label owner here, has also made appearances on imprints like Leftroom, and as such it’s not that surprising to discover the excellent opening duo are backed up with two remixes by Third World Orchestra and Tilman, who accentuate the more traditional house influences he obviously has, stripping back all that melodious build and leaving us to enjoy some jazzier, groovier, and altogether less full tones. We’d personally opt for the first two, but obviously the choice needs to be your own. Either way, recommended.