Acumen release Welcome Back


Acumen is the boss of Time Has Changed, a French label that has built a decent rep for itself in the tech house world recently. Here he steps out with a new four track EP that offers the best window yet into the labels MO – quirky, off kilter tech house with plenty of charm.

Deeper Than It Looks is the opening tune and sets a wiggle groove early on with water droplet like sounds, obscured vocals and slicing percussion all coalescing into an infectious thing indeed. Magic Garden is a slower and more purposeful affair with a deep and gritty bassline and tight drum hits setting the mood. Some occult spirit flies in thanks to the weird synth lines and alien whispers in the latter half before Ellen, Steve & Michael are on a Boat sounds like the sort of wavy gravy tech house grooves that go down so well at DC: 10 on a Monday in Ibiza. Liquid and loose, it’s hugely inviting dancing music before final track Three Four Five lurks in the shadows of a late night street with blurting chords, tin pot percussion and future facing pads forming the backdrop. Inventive and original, it closes out another fine EP.