Midland ‘Through Motion’


Midland / Through Motion

Digital / Vinyl

Aus Music / Released May 16th 2011


What does it sound like?

Well, according to the press release a place wherein garage and techno collide. Remarkably, it’s not too wild an accusation either, as the Spectral side of the latter combines with something not too far from L-Vis 1990 on an old-school, piano high.

So that means a beat structure somewhere in between shuffling and stepping, repetitive robot loops and a classic female vocal drop atop gentle pianos and broken hi-hats, making for a potentially monstrous crossover release. For the same payment you’ll also receive the more introverted Shelter, which opens on an urban tip, melding stabbed samples with a tracking bassline, simplistic kick and tick tock percussion before adopting a more driving tone. Then there’s Tevo Howard’s remix of the lead track, offering a timeless electro barritone and melodious synth strings to those that opt for a digital copy.

Where would I dance to it?

As we were warned when it arrived, this is something that’s going to appeal across the board. Whether you wear a cap and hood to go out, or shirt and trousers, its well-worked feet stand admirably in many well-worn footprints; a comment meant solely as a compliment.

What highlights can I expect to here?

Fans of more euphoric moments can cut straight to the bonus remix from Chicagoan Tevo Howard, who proves why last year he was one of the city’s most talked about exports.  Other than that B-sider Shelter‘s a fine example of a personality switch that works, emerging from nothing to become an darkroom atmosphere builder.

Why should I pay for it?

Records sound best and downloads are affordable, producing quality music isn’t.

Where can I buy it?

Juno, Chemical Records.