Renato Ratier debuts on his beloved D.Edge imprint.

It’s a wonder it’s taken Renato Ratier this long to get out his debut Ep. For years now has he been steering D Edge and Warung to great international heights. He’s heaped put Brazil on the map and now he seems to be intent on putting himself on the map with this assured three track debut on D Edge’s own label.

From punk to Brazilian influences, Renato Ratier taps into several different influences to create his sound, including the Chicago school of house, electro, techno, disco and more. His work is also deeply influenced by collaborations with iconic DJs that have shared the booth with him over the years and already displays a refined production technique. The title track is a slow burner that goes deep and is laced with plenty of emotion, whilst Old Factory bangs a bit harder, more like techno. A well treated organ bassline props the whole thing up before final track Play For Me is stuffed with myriad instruments, bright melodic colours and is sure to ignite plenty of dancefloors.