Taragana Pyjarama ‘Tipped Bowls’

Taragana Pyjarama / Tipped Bowls

CD / Digital 

Kompakt / Released June 2012


What does it sound like? 

Nick Eriksen, AKA Taragana Pyjarama, arrives on Kompakt in full length form to deliver a very strong collection of ambient experimentation, synth pop should-be-singles, and warm, textured house music. Nodding to the likes of We Love, Bot’ox, and Tomas Barfod, amongst other Plain & Simple favourites, it’s the kind of thing that was always going to go down well with us, but we’re sure most other sane types will agree too.

Expect nearly 20-minutes of beautiful beatlessness to open then, with second track Growing Forehead resembling something from either Cocteau Twins or the soundtrack to Drive– both of which are pretty big recommendations. Twinkling arpeggios, lengthy harmonised refrains and wistful female vocals being the order of the day. Though not exactly a stark contrast the upbeat moments, but definition, offer a break from this sleepy affair, with Lo Ng nodding to Matthew Herbert with its chip-music style hook and strange percussive accents, albeit with less concept no doubt.

Elsewhere we have All Those Weird Things is a far more immersive affair, building layers and layers of melody whilst keeping those oddball sampled noises at the forefront, whilst Pinned (Part 1) is a wholly glitchy affair, as staccato beats and basic analogue tones dominate the slo-mo, offbeat outing. Oh, and the title track is also worth a mention, if only for being a truly stomachable experiment in reverberating chimes, leading us down surprising meditative avenues considering there’s an inherent songwriting approach here.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

At his most beats and breaksy the producer unveils Ballibat, a track fans of DNTEL will surely relish in (along with anyone who appreciates Warp face Bibio). That said, clubs wise All Those Weird Things is probably going to win out, though that’s not necessarily where our attention should be focused here.

Where can I buy it? 

Piccadilly Records.