An interview with Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler has become a stalwart figure in Leeds over the years – playing Mint Club, Mint Warehouse and Cocoon in the Park – he nows joins the gang again for the amazing Mint Festival in two weeks.

How are you? How is life? Life is pretty great right now and I’m feeling on top of the world. The sun is finally shining, at long last and it looks like it’s going to stay this way right through the Olympics. I just got back from THE MOST AMAZING weekend at Secret Garden Party, which is hands down the best festival in the world right now outside of Burning Man (apart from Mint Festival of course !) . It’s unbelievable just how much effort the SGP team put into their festival, from tiny little incidental details all over the place to much larger stuff like daytime fireworks made of multi-colored paint dust and acrobatic airplanes with pyrotechnics strapped to their wings. We are so pleased and honored to have them on board to help produce our Visionquest party at DC10 on Wednesday 1st August!

Can you see yourself doing this for decades, or does your mind ever turn to doing something else? Yeah the whole DJing thing can’t last forever; I don’t want to be doing this every weekend when I’m in my forties. The one thing that I love as much as playing records is grilling meat so the end game is for me to make enough money to open a restaurant (or several if I can) and sit back and watch people enjoying food.

Why so few productions from you in recent years? Would you like to produce more; is it just a time thing? I’ve actually been producing a fair amount recently so expect quite a few tracks from me in coming months. I’ve just remixed ‘Champagne Coast’ by Blood Orange with Subb-an which we’re putting out on limited vinyl soon. We’ve also just done a remix of Dave Aju for Circus company which is pretty big and I’m currently working on a remix of Matt Dear for Spectral and an original track with Deetron.

How is life in Berlin now you have been there a while – again, would you consider moving away? You seem to be a big fan of London… Which is why I have lived in London for the last year and a bit… time to do some research!

What should people expect from you at Mint festival? Bam, Kapow, Splat!!!

You have played Mint many times – and Cocoon in the Park – what makes the brand so good do you think? I’m close friends with Shane, who owns Mint and puts on the Cocoon parties in Leeds

What else have you got coming up/are you looking forward to? Plenty in Ibiza still, then another tour back end of the year – and of course Mint Festival…