London deep house imprint Ornate Music chat to us in the lead up to Fri’s party w/ Moodymanc

It’s been a busy couple of years for London deep house imprint Ornate Music. Since its launch in 2009 label boss and vinyl junky James Thomson has carefully handpicked a choice selection of producers to release material on the label such as Fish Go Deep, Agnes, Giom, Nathan Coles, Miles Sagnia and more recently The All City Harmony Show with low slung remix from man of the moment Moodymanc. In the lead up to this Friday’s Ornate Music party with Moodymanc, Digs (DiY) and James Vorres (Sccucci Manucci), we catch up with James for a quick chat about free parties, 60’s psych folk and more importantly, deep house.

Headlining the party on Friday is Mancunian producer and DJ Moodymanc, does this mean we can expect an Ornate release form him? 

Danny has a remix on the latest Ornate EP, by the All City Harmony Show and is definitely a producer who I’m in to and would like to get involved in the label some more in the future.

We’ve seen an influx of ‘deep house’ labels and parties crop up over the last few years, how do you think the party scene has changed from early 90’s free parties such as DiY and Smokescreen to more recently Secretsundaze and Fuse? Where do you see the Ornate parties come into the equation? 

I think the fact that dance music culture and clubbing is now commercially and socially an integral part of everyday life, it has had a vast effect on the party scene in terms of the types of people that go clubbing, how people party, how parties are organised and what punters and promoters can or can’t get away with. I’m certainly not saying that it’s not as good as it “used to be” but I definitely it think has lost an edge as more and more people have become exposed to it and there is more and more choice. In terms of how Ornate fits in, DiY have had a big influence on the label musically, socially and ethically and I think what Giles and James have done with Secretsundaze is wicked, but with this Friday only our second party and the label still in it’s formative years I think our main focus is trying to throw a wicked do, booking producers and DJ’s who have released records on Ornate and to basically get people dancing and having fun! Maybe when we’re packing out Pascha in Ibiza or football stadiums in Rio De Janiero you can ask us again:)

Vinyl or CD? 

I play both, but find I’m always magnetized back to my record box as I enjoy playing vinyl the most as I love the feel and sound of it and there are records in my box that have been in there for years which I still love to play and aren’t available on download.

As a DJ and producer where do you get your influences? 

I love all sorts of different types of music from 60’s psych, folk through to rare groove and hope that this comes through in the music that myself and Johnny aka Jonno are making in some way even though it may not be instantly audible. Obviously we are heavily influenced by house music past and present, but I think that if that were our only influence there’d be a danger of making faceless, generic and disposable tracks which isn’t really in our M.O.

Top five tracks at the moment? 

Most of these have been around for a while now but they are still pushing the buttons for me:

Roberto Rodriguez: Thinking Of You EP

Cavalier: A Million Horse EP 1

RILLS: Everything Changed EP

NDATL MUZIK – Music Institute 20th Anniversary Series Part 3 Of 3

Legowelt: Sark Island Acid EP


And finally …. What can we expect from Ornate Music 2012?

Deep house, Deep House and errr some more Deep House.!


Interview by Michelle Hardiman


Ornate Music Mix Vol5 to get you in the mood.

JONNO & TOMMO – Ornate Music Mix – Volume 5 by JONNO and TOMMO


The Guys over at Ornate are also giving x2 pairs of free guestlist places away – all you need to is hop over to their RA page, click attending and they will pick an attendee’s name at random on Friday!! Blam! RA PAGE: