Steve Bug readies new album, ‘Noir’

It’s unclear how dark the latest LP from the Poker Flat Records’ bossman and all round European deep tech maestro will be, but colours aside it’s safe to say plenty of people will be looking forward to it. After all, this is the first full length offering he’s given us since 2009.

A reassuringly long amount of time to wait, Steve Bug’s Noir will finally drop on his aforementioned imprint come October 1st. A follow up to Collaboratory, the title is inspired by film noir (see also-  bleak, nihilistic stories of urban criminality synonymous with private investigators and the early 1950s), though the producer himself apparently gave up on the idea of a concept album proper after finding the format too rigid.

Still, with track titles like Poison Of Choice and Seventh Victim it’s clear there’s a bit of a theme running throughout. The video for the first track from this forthcoming release, Tell Me Why, has already been doing the rounds, though just in case it passed you by we’ve embedded it beneath this sentence so take a look. Meanwhile, a full list of all the tunes to be included on the new album can be found at the bottom of this page.

Steve Bug / Noir (Poker Flat Recordings)

01. Tell Me Why

02. Poison Of Choice

03. Serve Your Mistress
04. No Adjustments feat. Foremost Poets
05. The Spiral Staircase
06. Moment Of Ease feat. Emilie Chick
07. Those Grooves
08. Somewhere In The Night
09. Farewell Friend
10. The Seventh Victim