Leaders Of The New School presents Hauswerks











Hauswerks is leading the way as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the new breed of British artists. Having honed his studio skills for over a decade, producing and engineering for some of the biggest exponents in dance music, this year is all about Hauswerks showcasing his production and DJing talents. Presiding over the latest in the acclaimed ‘Leaders Of The New School Presents…’ series, Hauswerks selects 27 new and exclusive tracks that are also blended in to 2 superb DJ mixes.

‘Leaders Of The New School Presents Hauswerks’ is a diverse selection of the finest house music from some of the freshest artists on the scene today with none more so than Hauswerks himself who delivers 8 new solo tracks and collaborations alongside Filthy Rich, Tapesh and Paul Cooper. Further exclusive, groove laden beats are provided by Veeto, Ash Jai, Fresque, Rickie Deane, Danny O, Matt Smallwood, Hollen and Seve. Combine this with recent productions from Matthias Tanzmann, Spektre, Doomwork and there is no doubt Hauswerks has delivered one of the biggest Leaders Of The New School albums yet!


Running Order:
01    I Wanna Take You Somewhere    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks
02    Get Back    Veeto Remix    Filthy Rich
03    Descent    Reset Robot Remix    Spektre
04    Shadow Boxing    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks & Tapesh
05    Wardance    Matthias Tanzmann Remix    Pete Tong
06    Jacks House    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks
07    Big Room Stories    Nima Gorji Remix    Sergio Fernandez & David Lara
08    Wanting You    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks & Paul Cooper
09    Lordy    Original Club Mix    Ash Jai
10    Bring It    Original Club Mix    Fresque
11    Boosegumps    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks & Filthy Rich
12    Daddy Soon    Original Club Mix    Alex Costa
13    All In    Original Club Mix    Rickie Deane
14    A New Dawn    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks
15    Be My Friend    M.in Remix    Darlyn Vlys
16    Tribesman    Original Club Mix    Danny O
17    Soundingold    Original Club Mix    Veeto
18    What’s Your Story    Original Club Mix    Matt Smallwood
19    DMT     Intro Edit    Hauswerks
20    Barley    Original Club Mix    Hollen
21    Sata    Original Club Mix    Oscar L & Sr. Markus
22    Chimes Are Calling    Original Club Mix    DJ Wady & Johnny Ramirez
23    Iron Lungs    Original Mix    Dunny
24    Fear & Loathing    Original Club Mix    Hauswerks & Paul Cooper
25    Voodoo    Original Club Mix    Seve
26    Ram Bam    Original Club Mix    Doomwork
27    Sultan    Original Mix    The Machine vs Jonathan Cowan
28    Leaders Of The New School Presents Hauswerks    DJ Mix 1    Hauswerks
29    Leaders Of The New School Presents Hauswerks    DJ Mix 2    Hauswerks