Review: ‘Not Sitting’ Karoshi

‘Not Sitting’ / Karoshi (Original / Cassette Jam Remix / Per QX Remix / Mr Fogg remix)

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Released August 23rd 2010

With so many electro-poppers on the block it’s any wonder newcomers attempt to penetrate a scene that sits at the more cash-dependent end of dance music. With their debut single Karoshi may prove why they bothered, and how achievable it is.

Those who aren’t allergic to commerciality should find plenty to enjoy in the single, which references the likes of La Roux and Uffie. It’s big, it’s vocal and it’s destined to feature on TV. Despite this it’s also well produced, and the post electroclash crowd will find enough dancefloor sentiment to nod their heads too here.

Cassette Jam bring a clubbier sound, favouring less (read barely any) vocals and more spiralling keyboards, while bleep and robot voices drive the breakdown. Easily big enough to fill bars with high ceilings, it would be a surprise not to hear this emitting from countless city centre establishments in the near future.

Per QX keeps things a little more heads down, working vocal hooks into repetitive loops before distorted melodies welcome the original lyrics. In contrast rising lo-fi electronica star Mr Fogg brings on a staggeringly underground downbeat outing, carried by harmonious cries and a keyboard chorus not a million miles away from the lesser-known archives of Hot Chip or DNTEL on a dark day, and as such should come top in any list of reasons to buy this.