Locked Groove ‘Rooted’

Locked Groove / Rooted 

Vinyl / Digital 

Hotflush Recordings / Released January 2012


What does it sound like? 

Label debutant Tim Van de Meutter seems to pick up on a similar tip to where Hotflush bossman Scuba’s Adrenalin left off for his first 12″ outing, though all’s not what it seems. We might start out saturated in dream-like harmonies and easy going low ends inviting us to kick back but it’s not long before the hi hats add a more frantic sound to the arrangement, and a filthy acid hook is finally revealed, ensuring all thoughts of ambience are stripped back to dazzling effect.

Flip it and find the sledgehammer four four drums of Drowning, a track that winds up sounding halfway between tribal, David Duriez, and newcomers like Blawan- so that’s raw, echoey, and industrial sounding deep house music. Finally it’s the turn of Change to throw another moderate curveball into this slightly left of the main playing field with reversed cymbals, harmonies constructed from vocal stabs and classic synth organs, and a groove driven rhythm, all of which make for a sublime, modern take on timeless four fours.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Solid drums are all well and good, but we’d say it’s the more immersive cuts either side- Change or Rooted– that really make the difference here.


Where can I buy it?