Nadja Lind ‘Brain Candy’

Nadja Lind / Brain Candy

Digital / Vinyl / CD

Lucid Flow / Released October 2011


What does it sound like? 

Helmut Ebritsch’s production partner Nadja Lind steps out from a catalogue of solo work on respected labels to deliver her first individual long form effort on the imprint she runs with that aforementioned cohort. Apparently she’s quite a spiritually minded person, and evidence of that certainly abounds, but for the most part first impressions are simply good quality, crisp and deep dance music.

That’s why we open with a perfectly poised dubby tech come shuffling digital warm up tune, or Limbus as the producer has named it, before the seemingly similar title track arrives to gradually work things into a synesthesia-inducing, trance-edged affair that edges closer to Balearia than the Berlin cityscape that helped create this album.

That’s not a vibe that lasts though, as cheeky, bouncy techno under the guise of Chat-Lag isn’t too far away, all brass stabs, whirring basslines and jaunty accents, while in between we are treated to the mainroom atmospherics of Sorry Books, and its pendulum-like, metronomic percussion. All of which should give you a pretty fair and accurate idea of how the latter half of the disc pans out too.

Where would I dance to it? 

In small, dimly lit rooms.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

While the aforementioned Chat-Lag provides a welcome increase in tempo after the opening deepness, and therefore will always stand out, it’s perhaps outdone by Tyrannosaurus Lutz. Rolling only comes close to describing this one as a reverberating, bumbling bass opens fire with a friendly smile, before things drop into darker submerged tones, and while the barritone gets more guttural there’s no loss of energy throughout. Oh, and the broken, stepping, filtered gospels and lunging groove of The Preach is also well worth checking for funkier moments.

Why should I pay for it? 

A solid album boasting plenty of playable tracks that are neither huge nor boring.

Where can I buy it?