Penny Drop take on Brixton Jamm

The best club nights I have been a regular at in my lifetime, have been because I was either there from the very first party or you became aware of the club from hearing about some “mental night” your mates ended up at by chance. Not one of the nights I can think of that became a ritual on my clubbing calendar, was because of the big name jocks they booked. Far from it, these nights relied on the integrity of the residents and undiscovered talent that made sure the music was on point and a great group of friends (and friends of friends of friends).

So when I came across a night like Penny Drop (through a friend who stumbled across it incidentally), who themselves haven’t relied on big names or current fashionable music trends to deliver some of the best events of this year, I immediately sat up and took note. Penny Drop offer some of the finest up coming DJ talent London has to offer, play music from across the dance music genres and create a vibe that is just electric.

Penny Drop have been running parties over the course of 2012 in North East London’s Stoke Newington at the Moustache Bar and musically cover house to tech, disco to electronica and bass to breaks, not always on the same night but the Penny Drop crew and crowd are smart enough to appreciate top quality beats, whatever the genre.

This October, they move from N16, south to Brixton Jamm. A two roomed venue with high quality sound system and a team that have obviously seen something in Penny Drop that all those attending their parties already knew.

It seems the relationship is going to work like a charm! The resulting line up looks mighty fine. Penny Drop have retained their integrity by programming more brilliant London DJs who really deserve their time amongst some of the bigger players, plus a bonus is that they have brought in none other than the world renowned beat-smiths, the Freestylers, plus Drum&Bass duo J Majik and Wickaman, a rather big cherry on top!

The Penny Drop crowd will definitely follow and to be at a party with this crowd alone is worth the visit, but with this line up and cross genre antics on the night, this will be one sensational party and one I would highly recommend.

Check out the event listing on our site HERE and for tickets click HERE