An interview with Hector Moralez (Fries & Bridges / Robsoul Recordings)

Rising from Oakland, California and fast becoming one of house music’s elite, Hector Moralez has paid his dues by working tirelessly from the bottom up. In demand at clubs and events throughout the world. Hector Moralez is renowned for his intelligent and soul awakening house music… Talk is Cheap‘s Jedd Barry speaks to him  ahead of your set on Sat 9th June at Plan B in London.

1. Let’s start by finding a little bit about how you first got into music and producing… Where and when did you discover your love for house music and where did it all begin?

I remember clearly, I think I was around 19 years old. I hung out and learned a lot from my good friend Guy Nado, aka DJ Rasoul, for about 2 years until I began learning and doing it on my own. The first time I listened to some sort of techno dance based house track was on the radio. I was in the 6th grade and it was around midnight, a school night. I would listen to DJ Steve Masters on ‘Yo Mamas House’, an all-night house music station out of California, better know as the Bay Area, my home away from home!

2. What is the one piece of kit that you couldn’t be without in your studio?

Ableton Live, that is all I really need and some HARD to find samples!!

3. How methodical are you in the studio or do you let your creative side do the talking and things develop naturally?

Exactly… it happens natural, like a flower, and I just go with the flow of the music and everything that is going on around in my life at that moment. I find Very inspiring things that catch my attention and then my ideas just come to me.

4. What personal (Hector Moralez or Fries and Bridges) piece of music or remix has stood out for you and why – that’s if you can narrow it down to one, if not your top 3?

Off the top of my mind I’d have to say “Forever This” – just classic. “Just Because”, “Take A Trip”, “The Acid”, “School Of Acid”, “The Draft”, “That’s HARD” and last but not least “Doc’s Vision in Chicago” that just dropped on Magnetic. And for remixes if I had to pick one right now it would def have to be my remix of Nick Garcia’s “To The Beat” on Funky Farm & a remix I just completed today for DJ Sneak’s track “wickedy whack sounds” coming out next month on Magnetic.

5. What releases and remixes do you have planned for 2012?

I honestly don’t even know where to begin… I’m sorry, next question !

6. Are you looking forward to coming and playing in London again? Do you enjoy visiting London?

Hells yeah! That’s family in London and I feel the love ever time I visit the City… great place to be!!

7. What three songs are played most on your ipod?

I don’t own a ipad. I search every day for a bunch of rare samples off my laptop and studio set up: J.dilla all day, all sorts of different hip hop and soul – from old to very new fresh shit that I’m into, and a lot of Most Def, Aretha Franklin and Pancho Villa!

Hector Moralez Live @ Hawt/Fiasco, Miami WMC – 2012 by R_co


8. What do you most like to do when away from the studio or gigging?

Chill with my wife and talk about family… hangout with my real friends and visit family.

9. Who are you most feeling within the scene at the moment, is there anyone that you’re really keeping an eye on or a particular artist whose sound you are digging right now?

No one at the moment really… But I do get inspired by all sorts of weird shit that I find interesting. Sneak is probably the only Artist in House Music that inspires me and makes me push myself further when I listen to his tracks and watch him dj. Other than him, I’m bored with a lot of djs… I should probably stop there. 😉

10. Finally what can we at Talk Is Cheap expect from a Hector Moralez set?

A good time, HARD beats and lots of “We The Brand” shirts on the dance floor, reppin’ the real underground music we love and call our home, house music. That’s what’s Up!


Quick fire questions:

Favourite food? Pizza, Salads and French fries!

Favourite film? Take Me Home Tonight, No Strings Attached, Up in The Air, Money Ball and that Tribe Called Quest Movie called “Beats Rhymes & Rhythms”

Favourite track of all time? Johnny Fiasco “Conduction”

Track you would most like to remix? That’s a HARD One… Good question… I’d probably say Mousse T’s “More I Get” on Pepermint Jam Recordings or anything from Todd Terry.

Favourite club? back yard at a BBQ aka My Moms place!

Favourite city? London, Paris, Romania, Naples, Toronto, Mexico City and my home town of Modesto, California! For real.

Favourite live artist? J.Dilla, Mos Def & DJ Premier

Favourite DJ? Sneak, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Heather, Doc Martin, Tony Hewitt and last but not least Ricardo Villalobos !


Talk Is Cheap presents… Todd Terry, Hector Moralez & Double 99/R.I.P Productions

SATURDAY 9TH JUNE – 22:00-06:00
Plan B – London – Price £10 ltd early bird, 2nd Release £12.50, 3rd Release £15
Line Up: Todd Terry, Hector Moralez, Double 99 R.I.P Productions, Jedd Barry, Loud Minority DJs (Melvo Baptiste & Russ Jay), Chris Solo, Jade Cox