Matthias Vogt ‘Rudiments EP (with James Teej remix)’

Matthias Vogt / Rudiments EP (with James Teej remix)


Fullbarr Digital / Released June 2011


What does it sound like?

Kicking off the two original slices of Vogt goodness is Ghosttrain, a stripped and slightly spooky track that veers from deep chords to darkish, druggy sentiments in a pretty pleasing way. It’s house music, and a decent example therein, plunging you into a rhythmic arrangement of metallic staccato hooks, slap (and tickle?) beat structures, and little else.

We’re also privy to Rudiments, a track that takes things down the genre’s more traditional route, complete with jazzy organs, bumbling bassline and all the groove you could ask for. Then there’s the James Teej Periodic Table Tennis remix, which reverts back to the first tune in terms of mentality, but let’s come to that a little later.

Where would I dance to it?

Not so much one for people with specialist tastes, just one for people with taste.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

After impressing on these pages a number of times in recent memory James Teej again does the job with a heavy plodding, baritone driven number. It’s got repetitive pianos, a huge low end that’s halfway to Tejada, and a whole lot of space age synth melody. Topped with a few live claps, if anyone was wondering it makes for an interesting little club focused outing that should engage the mind and feet.

Why should I pay for it?

The remix alone is worth the price of the whole package. Now try and legitimise stealing it.

Where can I buy it?