Tortured Soul ‘Hot For Your Love Tonight’ album

Tortured Soul / ‘Hot For Your Love Tonight’ Album 
Dome Records / May 2015
US Soulful House trio Tortured Soul are proof that modern soulful house can be freed from the DJ booth. Influenced by such classic artists as Prince, Heatwave and Kool & The Gang, the band deliver their third cool, groove-centred album, ‘Hot For Your Love Tonight’, dedicated to the memory of keyboard player and founding member Ethan White, who tragically passed away in March at the age of 39.
‘Hot For Your Love Tonight’ is ripe with the awesomely soulful Tortured Soul signature style that their fans globally have come to adore. Opening with the heartfelt ‘I’ll Be There For You’, with other highlights including the Deep House flavoured ‘Don’t Lead Me On’ and the seductively catchy album title cut, sandwiched among some Tortured Soul recent stunners including the hot under the collar ‘Dirty’ and the beautiful Disco groove ‘Can’t Keep Rhythm From A Dancer’.
“It has been a very difficult few weeks. The best way we know how to move forward and work through the pain and loss is to go out and perform. I know Ethan would want us all to continue. He helped to build Tortured Soul and I know he’d want our music to live on. We’re going to thank Ethan for all he did to help make the band what it was and what it is, and we hope you will come join us. We want to see everyone’s faces. We want to connect and play music and make everyone dance and be as happy as we can be… and drink some Tequila… “ – John-Christian Urich and The TS boys
Tortured Soul have decided to uphold their live bookings for Spring –
You can catch them in concert on May 7 – Albertina Passage, Vienna; May 8 – Southport Weekender, Minehead; May 9 – Plan B, Brixton, London; May 10 – Mojo Club/Jazz Cafe, Hamburg; May 11- Music Bar, Prague.