Peverelist ‘Dance Til The Police Come b/w Fundamentals’

Peverelist / ‘Dance Til The Police Come; Fundamentals’

Vinyl / Digital

Hessle Audio / Released April 4th 2011

The finest export company to emerge from a post-millennial Leeds welcomes one of our favourite artists from the nu-breed for a double header that’s got ‘universal’ stamped on the sleeve. Think ravey, think breakbeat, but, most importantly, think mainroom with no fart noises.

It can be a rare thing in an age of heart-stoppingly bad drum n bass and a dubstep scene that continues to offer great tracks alongside horrendously under-thought sub-shakers. However, with shades of Detroit cast over every note and kick, Dance Til The Police Come manages to pull it off in fine style.

Strings glide over a bassline that’s pure 1993, conjuring images of old-timers barging their way to the front of the club, only to then be surprised that the track doesn’t end up being LFO v Fused’s classic warehouse number, Loop. Still, Peverelist’s take on things would no doubt cement them to their newfound spot on the dancefloor in the same way, once that electro, hyperactive hook, and those stepping drums kick in.

Flip it to find something significantly trancier, (accidentally or deliberately) inspired by early progressive breaks. Synths twinke and pan over a percussive section that’s all about the subtle touches, while a reversed out melody nods to Hybrid, Way Out West and the like, albeit modernised and made more acceptable for contemporary club kids. Whether that signifies positive or negative change is debatable, but in the case of this release, it works.